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Our upcoming sessions on art for children will provide numerous benefits. It will introduce young minds to the world of art, helping them explore creativity and develop essential skills. Through hands-on activities, we’ll boost their confidence, fine-tune their motor skills, encourage self-expression, and nurture problem-solving abilities. It’s an exciting opportunity to prepare them for a future filled with creativity and learning enjoyment.

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Learn to Create Stunning Artworks Using ALPHABETS & NUMBERS

Discover The World Through Art

In a world filled with screens and schedules, it’s easy to overlook the beauty and creativity that surrounds us. At Art Jio, we invite you to see the world in a new light through the eyes of your child.

Learn Different Colour Mediums

Gain proficiency in using colour mediums correctly, enhancing your artistic skills. Learn to complete projects & assignments independently, fostering a sense of accomplishment & enjoyment in art.

Learn to Win in Competitions & Exams

Receive valuable guidance for art competitions and exams, improving your chances of success.

Growth in Imagination & Creativity

Cultivate imagination and creativity, crucial for personal growth and self-expression.

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Pre-Junior Batch


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Trial Plan (Save upto ₹500)

For Kids 4-7 Years

️Time: 6:30-7:30 PM

Tue | Thurs | Sat

Language: English

Platform: ZOOM Meetings

999Per Month

Junior Batch


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Trial Plan (Save upto ₹500)

For Kids 8-10 Years

️Time: 5-6 PM

Mon | Wed | Fri

Language: English

Platform: ZOOM Meetings

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Senior Batch


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Trial Plan (Save upto ₹500)

For Kids 10+ Years & Moms

️Time: 6:15-7:15 PM

Mon | Wed | Fri

Language: English

Platform: ZOOM Meetings


Mrs Leena Bandil, with the Experience & Expertise of more than 20 years, is working towards the enhancement of creativity and nurturing it within our students by providing them with correct guidance about the artworks, artforms & color medium. We are an online platform for kids & their mother to learn creative skills like Drawing, Coloring & Painting. In the first year of Covid, 2019, we were able to teach more than 65k students across the world. We have come up with the best teaching techniques which could help kids to start his/her creative journey right from first class.

Unlock Bonuses to Achieve Your Creative Objectives

Bonus 1- Get Recordings of LIVE Classes with LIFETIME Access

You'll enjoy perpetual access to the live class recordings, allowing you to revisit and benefit from the content at your convenience.

Bonus 2- Get Personalised Guidance for Competitions & Exams

Receive personalised guidance for your competitions and exams directly from Leena Ma’am, ensuring you're well-prepared and confident in your efforts.

Bonus 3- Story Telling Sessions with Moral Values

Every Artwork is linked with a beautiful story with Moral Values that impacts directly on child's behavior.


Words Of Praise From Our Valued Clients

We are not only working on the creative enhancement of kids, but we are also trying to create value in their lives by connecting every artwork with a story which has moral values and social as well as environmental awareness.

What Will This Demo Session Teach You

The Experience Of Artjio Classes Is Unique And Unforgettable For Kids Where Parents Notice A Remarkable Improvement Just In One Class. In This Demo Session, Discover How Artjio Can Transform Kids’ Lives:

  • Significant improvement in confidence levels.
  • Enhanced creativity & imagination.
  • Students perform well in their studies & excel in other areas.
  • Continued learning for 3 to 6 months often results in winning prizes.
  • Positive changes in behavior & problem-solving skills.
  • Increased focus & concentration.
  • A more optimistic outlook & readiness to face challenges.
  • Instilled with the “I can do it” spirit, students persevere through any situation, whether it’s mastering challenging art forms or tackling academic hurdles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are we different from others?

Our classes offer a unique blend of creativity and character development through art. Each artwork comes with a storytelling session featuring valuable moral lessons, fostering a deep connection between kids and their creations. Our approach is perfect for children with varying levels of interest in creativity. Over the years, our students have achieved remarkable success in local, state, national, and international competitions. Moreover, parents have reported significant improvements in their children's behaviour and confidence, making the Artjio Classes experience truly unforgettable.

How do we teach?

We specialize in teaching children aged 4 and above the fundamentals of drawing, coloring, and various techniques from a beginner's level. Our expert teachers employ simple and effective methods that cultivate a love for art and enhance creativity. We uniquely use alphabets and numbers while connecting artworks with engaging stories and everyday moral values to make learning enjoyable and meaningful.

My kid is a beginner, would he be able to do it?

Yes, even if your kid has never done drawing still he will be able to do that. 

What is the material required for the class?

Pencil, Eraser, Drawing Book (A4 or A3), Plastic Crayons, Black Sketch Pen, Watercolours (Any), Paint Brushes (Any), Earbuds, Cotton, Bangles, Scissors, Glue, Oil Pastels (Only for Senior Group).

You can Prepare a Kit containing all the material and every time the Kid can keep it whenever sitting for the class.

Can these classes help my kid build up his interest in drawing?

Yes, the classes are designed in such a way that the kids who do not have any interest in creativity start enjoying drawing and creativity.