By Leena Bandil

Pre-Junior Batch

By Leena Bandil

LIVE YouTube Online Art Classes for Kids (4-7 Years)​ BEGINNER'S LEVEL

Online Art Classes led by an Award-Winning Artist & Tutor, Mrs. Leena Bandil with the Experience of 20+ Years


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Artwork Every Month

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Student's Journey

Drawing Skills

With Alphabets & Numbers

Basic drawing of easy objects, animals, human figures, and cute cartoons covering a variety of social, cultural, and current topics.


Colour Medium

Plastic Crayon Techniques

Learn basic techniques of plastic crayons, focusing on correct usage, color blending, and building proper coloring habits for vibrant drawings.


Story Telling

Engagement Activities

Storytelling sessions during coloring time, where stories related to the artwork help kids connect deeply and impart moral values to shape their personality, behavior, and attitude.


All-Round Focus

Comprehensive Learning

We focus on overall child growth, helping with drawing, coloring, correct techniques, and boosting interest and concentration to enhance creativity.


Personal Guidance

By Leena Bandil

We provide personal guidance by checking each artwork, offering regular feedback, and helping with competitions and exams.



With Lifetime Access

We record live classes and share them with lifetime access for revisions or to cover missed sessions.


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Time: 6:30-7:30 PM

Tue | Thurs | Sat

Language: English

Meet Your Trainer

Mrs Leena Bandil, with the Experience & Expertise of more than 20 years, is working towards the enhancement of creativity and nurturing it within our students by providing them with correct guidance about the artworks, artforms & color medium. We are an online platform for kids & their mother to learn creative skills like Drawing, Coloring & Painting. In the first year of Covid, 2019, we were able to teach more than 65k students across the world. We have come up with the best teaching techniques which could help kids to start his/her creative journey right from first class.

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